I Choose Love


I tried to make peace instead of war. Did that upset you? Did it bother you that I didn’t react with rage, that I didn’t even shed a tear? I can’t say I’m sorry. No, I am not sorry for the way I reacted, for walking away instead spitting hate. I will not apologize for empathizing with you instead of fighting with you. I chose love. Today and everyday, I will choose love.

Go ahead. Try to knock me down and shove me aside. Try to kick me when I am lying on the ground and shatter every bone in my body. I will stand up unscathed, and I will not grow cold. There is no power on Earth that can turn my heart to stone, and there is certainly none that can disturb my unwavering sense of self. I will neither bend nor break. I will hold my ground. You will respect my space because it is mine. It is not yours to intrude upon. There is nothing you can say and nothing you can do to make me question my beliefs or doubt my position. I know what I want. I want to attract what sets my soul on fire, and I will not accept anything less. Does my conviction frighten you? Does my honesty make you squirm in your seat? Heed my advice: do not dare mess with a woman who knows her worth. She will not do as you wish. She will not throw her hands in the air and surrender. She will stand tall, dig her heels into the ground, and say, “I am alive, and that reason enough to respect me.”

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