Hello, hello! Let’s get straight to the point. As I’m sure you have gathered, my name is Lauren. I am a highly driven, passionate individual who is frequently referred to as a fireball. I am a bit of a psychic if I do say so myself, and I dabble in astrology and energy healing. It is because of my fiery spirit that I am incredibly expressive and do not tolerate disrespect of any kind. I believe my life’s purpose is not to eradicate injustice but rather to spread love. Speaking of love, I would like to verbalize the lengths to which I have gone to promote self-care and self-acceptance. I am a devout mental health advocate, and my goal is to break the stigma and start a conversation.

My primary reason behind creating this website is, of course, to showcase my skill-set and achievements. But I would also like everyone who views it to take at least one lesson away. If you are looking for a website loaded with fluff pieces, you should search elsewhere. I am not the writer for you. My work is intended to be impactful, to convey messages that only those who are ready to listen will understand. My intention is to stand up and speak out. I want the entire world to hear my roar, and I want to convince you that you, too, have a voice.