Transcending Your Present Reality


Within you lies the ability to move mountains, to redirect the planets, and above all, to change your fate. Nothing in the world is set in stone. Times are constantly changing, influencing all beings in the Universe—big and small, living and non-living. You have perceived your present reality as a cage that ensnares you. You have resolved that you cannot break free. But you are only as trapped as you allow yourself to be. I did a past life regression meditation once that led me to a cold, damp dungeon. I developed the overwhelming sense that I was unable to break down the barricade that stood between me and my freedom. I wandered about in panic, desperately scanning the dungeon for an exit route only to discover that the gate was left open. I was never trapped; I was merely misinterpreting my present reality. You, too, are capable of transcending your current situation, of emerging from the dungeon. Odds are, you imposed the barriers on yourself the minute you made a binding agreement with your present reality.

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