I Am


I say everything that comes to my mind. I burn bridges when I am angry, but I always scramble to repair them. I get overly excited and pour my heart out to strangers. I feel intensely, but my emotions do not linger. I am reckless, and I act without thinking. I dive head first and hold my ground at the front line of the battle field. I break rules even though I know I will suffer the consequences. I do not believe in regrets, and I do not believe in fear. I am a wanderer; it does not suit me to be tied down to anything or anyone. I wake up every morning with a sense of wonder that drives me to do more, to see more. I am happy-go-lucky, the ideal partner in crime. I am an adventurer who gets stranded in allies and lost in the desert. I am an open book, which some people choose to use against me.

When I make mistakes, I do not cover them; I embrace them. I am wise, but I am still learning. I am complicated, but to put it simply, I am because I am. If I love you, the entire world will know it. I do not know how to love people, but I do it fiercely. If you wrong me, I will forgive you, and I will never, ever stop loving you. Because I am not the kind of person to let hate win. When it comes to me, love will always prevail. I am a lot to handle. Most people don’t know how to love me, but those that do know I am worth the effort. I may be too intense, too daring, too outspoken. But I would rather be too much than too little any day.

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